Diane Schreiner

When I came to Las Vegas 4 years ago I was told by many Bead Shops that “Bead Knotting was a lost art”.  Then I walked into Bead Jungle, looking for silk beading thread and felt like I had come home.  Bead knotting is my passion and I love teaching others to embrace it as I have.
My love of making jewelry began about 40 years ago when I was going to a wedding and had nothing to wear with my outfit.  So I bought some beads and made it happen.  I got compliments on the necklace and that was the beginning.....I still have that necklace.
Learn something new that will make you crazy at first, and then turns into something very therapeutic as you get more proficient.

Diane Schreiner

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Knotting 2

Sat, 11/19/2016 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
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Now that you’ve mastered the skill of pearl knotting, we’re going to the next level and use either freshwater Pearls or real Gemstones in 6 - 10 mm.  The difference in using real gemstones and not manufactured beads is that the bead holes are not going to be consistent.  In order to finish this necklace, you will probably need to ream out a few beads.  Look around the store to find the gemstone you prefer.  Take them off the wall, feel them against your skin make sure that won’t be too heavy for your necklace.  Find a type of bead that makes you feel good.  It might sound silly, but I always feel better when I’m wearing turquoise.  We will discuss the MOHS scale, to determine the hardness of the beads, and talk about the problems that we can overcome when mixing beads with metal. 


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